Birthstones and their meanings – Part one

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Birthstones go back thousands of years, to astrology’s origins. In those days, the astrologer or spiritual guide would advise which stone a person should wear to offer protection from negative influences and generate positive entities.  As a jewellery item, they have withstood the test of time, remaining popular throughout the centuries with “shine lovers” of all ages.

What Do Birth-stones Mean?

Each stone is unique in its attributes and footprint. From providing the power to energise the soul, protection of self and delivering spiritual guidance, all stones held values that were true to a specific stone. This karmic like energy attributed to the stones was offered to people as a sign of hope and became a lucky gem to have in their possession.

Today’s birthstones originate from this astrological history with each birthstone being associated with one month of the year. Not only are these natural stones beautiful, but they can also help to give you a sense of identity. Your birthstone aligns with the month when you were born. For some months, more than one gemstone can be attributed to that wearer.

In Part 1, of HC Jewellers guide to birthstones and their meanings for months January to June, we will explore each birthstone in detail and how it can benefit your well-being. So let’s start in January and work our way to June, shall we?

January: Garnet

Colour: Red
Attributes: Protection, Empowerment, Love

The garnet stones, usually deep red in colour is said to balance and strengthen the wearer. It gives the individual an increase to their self-worth, helping to provide guidance in tough times.  This guidance becomes stronger when worn at nights. Travellers during the dark ages would carry this stone with them through the night-time. Which may explain why wearing the stone is said to help prevent nightmares.

February: Amethyst

Colour: Purple

Attributes: Courage, Wisdom, Royalty

Hope, royalty, and passion are all attributes that contribute to the Amethyst stone. Once worn, the wearer will be exposed to calming spirts and the increasing ability to stay focused when faced with stressful situations or other difficulties. It has the power to difficulty and strengthen love relationships. When placed in sunny clusters, the healing properties of the Amethyst cluster magnifies.

March: Aquamarine

Colour: Cyan
Attributes: Strength, Clarity, Creativity

The Cyan birthstone is considered to be a talisman of focus and success. It can quiet the mind, help with meditation and cleans out our chakras. The soothing blue colour is also believed to help give our immune system a good boost. From alleviating you from allergies to regulating our hormones, and thyroid issues,  it is a powerful stone that brings an array of health benefit to those who wear it.

April: Diamond

Colour: Clear
Attributes: Endurance, Purity, Eternity

One of the most precious stones where it’s beauty and brilliance is unparalleled.  The diamond is a symbol of love and purity. They are great as conductors and amplifiers of energy, which might also increase the aspects found in any item in your home, positive or not.  It helps positivity by projecting empowering thoughts around those who bear them while expanding opportunities in attracting prosperity.

May: Emerald
Colour: Dark green
Attributes: Devotion, Personal Growth, Patience

Emeralds are thought to possess magical qualities that aid in the recovery from infectious diseases and prevention from illnesses. The green gem has the ability to detoxify the liver and reduce the side effects caused by diabetes and arthritis. Overall wearing this birthstone improves one’s health, especially from sinus infections and eye disorders.

June: Pearl or Alexandrite
Colour: colour changing variety of Chrysoberyl
Attributes: Modesty, Purity

It is believed that individuals who wear pearls, will feel more “in tandem” to their eternal muse and own creativity. Conditions relating to bloating and nausea are said to be relieved when wearing pearls may also help to increase fertility and ease childbirth. The pearl is known as the ’stone of sincerity’, for bringing truth, enhancing personal integrity and helping one to focus.

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