Festive Proposal

The holiday season. It’s our favourite time of year to propose.

Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year: festive cheer is all around us. 
Snow falling, Christmas trees gleaming, stockings hung up by the fire… the list goes on. 
But with so much going on, planning for a proposal around Christmas can be a little tricky!
You want to plan the perfect moment and create an unforgettable story.
So here are our magical top proposal ideas for Christmas…

Surprise Proposal

Picture this: they’re opening up the presents and they come across a small box. They open the tiny box and an engagement ring shines forth! Planning surprises during traditional Christmas activities can create an unexpected yet beautiful memory.

In the snow

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, you’ve got a chance to propose in the fresh morning snow. There is nothing quite like the sheer beauty of a clean sheet of snow. Getting down on one knee in this setting, is the ultimate way to pop the question.

Create a showstopper

If you’re partner loves being round their family and friends, you may be considering to propose the engagement in front of them all. Whether that be at home, or out in the big city, everyone is bound to be ecstatic… including your soon to be fiance!

Drink up!

Some of us are guilty of being hooked on mulled wine during the holiday season. But this doesn’t have to be such a bad thing – leave the message ‘Marry Me’ at the bottom of the mug, giving them another reason to get merry!