How to care for your Jewellery!

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Daily wear along with dust, and pollution all contribute to the removal of brilliance from your precious Jewellery. Special care should be taken to protect your jewellery from dust, chemicals, and scratches. When not in use, it is best to store your jewellery away in a box that is lined with fabric to offer extra protection. Jewellery is delicate so it’s important to note the materials/stones used as each type will have specific cleaning instructions.

Over time, it’s natural for your most jewellery pieces to dim or fade losing that unique sparkle that made you purchase them in the first place. That is the reason why frequent maintenance and cleaning of your beloved items, is key to their longevity and quality being maintained.

Why is jewellery maintenance important you ask? Maintaining your jewellery in a pristine condition can:

  • Increase the lifespan of your jewellery
  • Keep your jewellery pieces sparkling
  • Eliminate buildup from dust, makeup and body oils

But what are the best ways to clean your jewellery? Read on below to learn everything you need about the best ways to care and maintain your items at home. Fortunately, our experts here at HC Jewellers have made it easy for you to take care of your jewellery with our range of cleaning polishes and cloths for each type.

  • Before washing your hands remove all jewellery to prevent soap from making contact with the surfaces
  • Wipe off any chemicals straight away that come into contact
  • Avoid spraying perfume on jewellery. Instead, add Jewellery after you have sprayed
  • Take care to avoid knocking rings and bangles on doors to prevent scratches and damages
  • Avoid leaving the jewellery out in direct sunlight

Feel free to click here, to source all the necessary “tools for the trade”, prior to reading our guide below.


Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials on earth but still require that special care to keep them shinning and looking their best. Over time, the brilliance of diamonds will decrease as dirt builds up. It’s simple and easy for you to clean your diamonds at home safely. Before taking the steps to clean, it’s important you thoroughly inspect your diamond jewellery for any damages or loose fixings that allow the diamonds to move. If so, you may want to bring your Jewellery into our store to have a professional fix these issues. Otherwise takes these steps below on how to clean.

  1. Use Washing Liquid: Fill a bowl of warm water with a small amount of washing liquid and place your jewellery to soak for 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. Bristle Brush wonders: Take a soft bristle brush and gently brush in a circular motion paying extra attention to the base of the diamond as this is where dirt collects the most. Rinse and pat dry your jewellery.
  3. Dazzle Stik Polish: Add shine and sparkle to your diamond using the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik. Simply brush over your diamond with the pen to provide a dazzling polish.
  4. Daily clean and rub: Clean the diamond often to keep it free of lotions, skin oil and dirt.

Gold Jewellery

Even though it is a commonly known secret, that Gold is now less popular than Silver when it comes to jewellery, this does not mean you should stop caring for your pieces. There is no doubt that gold is a timeless jewellery metal that will never go out of style and always adds elegance to ones look.

Whether you only own few gold rings or most of your jewellery box is dominated by gold, the simple and easy tips below will help ensure that your favourite jewellery pieces last a lifetime.

  1. Use soft materials: Dry your jewellery using a soft cloth. The Connoisseurs Gold Jewellery polishing cloth is a two-step drying-cleaning system that allows you to dry, buff, and polish all in one.
  2. Correct storage: Store each of your gold jewellery pieces wrapped in soft tissue, in individuals bags per item or keep them in a fabric-lined jewellery box with separate compartments
  3. Clean regularly: Items like your wedding ring or gold band, tend to be worn daily, and hence they naturally experience wear and tear. Short, weekly cleaning sessions will eliminate buildup and grime, and keep your gold jewellery sparkling yearlong. Place your jewellery under running warm water whilst gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush to lift and loosen dirt.
  4. Take your jewellery off: Wearing your precious items while you bathe can lead to a buildup of soap which will cause a film on your jewellery. Avoid wearing your jewellery when bathing or showering.

Silver Jewellery

Silver is a versatile metal and can last a long time if they cleaned and cared for correctly. Silver can look dull and tarnish over time. Keep your silver jewellery in pristine condition by.

  1. Don’t wear your items at all times: Strong chemicals, sweat and perspiration as well as chemicals such as chlorine can damage your items and take the shine off your favourite item. Know when to take off your items when exercising, doing household chores or showering.
  2. Know the quality of your item: Items that have a rating of .950, tend to need consistent polishing whereas a rating of .925, indicates the material is sturdier and doesn’t need as much cleaning.
  3. Take care of the stones: If your item or piece includes some precious stones on it, then make sure to clean them individually following the guidelines, for that specific gem.
  4. Store your items: The same way you would secure your other valuable items, you should do the same for your Silver jewellery too. Try to always store silver items in individual, air-tight bags with anti-tarnish properties to minimize air exposure out and keep the shininess and brilliance intact. If you throw a few pieces of chalk in with your sterling silver, the chalk will absorb the moisture and help prevent tarnishing.

Last but not least, always remember that with proper care and knowledge of your jewellery, your piece can last a lifetime and beyond. Here at HC Jewellers, we are proud to be able to offer a variety of brand new and pre-owned Gold, Silver and Diamond items, directly available from our website or store in Royston. Feel free to click here to have a look at our unique jewellery collections and use the Live Chat option, if you cannot find the item you are looking for.

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