Jewellery Repairs & Alterations

Our highly skilled silversmiths and goldsmiths are at the forefront of all our jewellery repair work, demonstrating their ability to restore almost any piece of jewellery expertly. Should you require jewellery repairs, look no further; our dedicated team is here to assist. Whether it’s resizing a ring, meticulous claw rebuilding, or replacing broken chains or clasps, we stand ready to address your needs. Trust us for comprehensive jewellery repair services that showcase our commitment to excellence

Visit us for in-store quotations on standard repairs and for more intricate work; our skilled goldsmiths provide detailed estimates before starting the process. Importantly, we highlight that there are no charges for estimates, and you can rely on us for expert guidance and advice concerning your jewellery repairs. Rest assured, your cherished pieces are in capable hands at HC Jewellers. Where our commitment to transparent service ensures your confidence in every step of the repair process.

Before & After



Cleaning & Polishing

The cleaning and polishing of jewellery is a meticulous process. Our skilled independent goldsmiths undertake a careful and thorough approach to remove dirt, tarnish, and imperfections from each piece. This detailed technique restores the jewellery's original brilliance and shine, ensuring it looks as radiant as the day you acquired it. Trust our experts to breathe new life into your treasured pieces with precision and care.



Ring Sizing

Experience a flawless fit for your jewellery with our ring sizing service. Our skilled experts employ meticulous precision to resize rings, prioritising comfort and elegance. Trust us to ensure your ring fits perfectly, allowing you to wear it confidently. Explore our expert ring sizing service, enhancing the overall experience of your treasured jewellery.



Rhodium Plating


Our Rhodium plating services offer a stunning transformation for your jewellery pieces, creating a bright and lustrous surface that enhances their beauty. This process not only restores the brilliance of your jewellery but also provides a protective layer that helps prevent tarnishing and ensures longevity. Additionally, we offer 9ct and 18ct Gold plating services for those seeking a rich and luxurious finish for their beloved items.




Revitalise your jewellery with our re-shaping service, where meticulous craftsmanship breathes new life into your special pieces. Whether restoring a beloved item to its original form or giving it a fresh, fashionable design, our experts ensure that your jewellery reflects your style and sentiment flawlessly. Use our re-shaping services to bring a renewed and personalised touch to your jewellery, combining expert craftsmanship with a keen understanding of your unique taste and preferences.





Our jewellery soldering service is a testament to our commitment to preserving the integrity of your jewellery. We skillfully mend and strengthen items with precision and expertise, ensuring they continue to shine and endure for generations to come.



Shank Replacement


Experience dedicated care for your ring with our shank replacement service, designed to preserve its timeless beauty. Our skilled craftsmen specialise in expertly replacing and restoring the shank, ensuring your ring regains structural integrity. This meticulous process allows you to wear your ring confidently and elegantly, knowing it has been treated with the utmost precision and consideration.



Stone Replacement


Our stone replacement service, led by our graduate geologist, is a testament to our commitment to quality and expertise. With meticulous attention to detail, our team ensures that missing or damaged gemstones are expertly replaced, restoring your jewellery to its original, stunning condition.



Claw Re-Tipping


Increase the security and brilliance of your precious gemstones with our essential claw re-tipping service. Our skilled craftsmen carefully re-tip and reinforce the prongs, ensuring your jewellery pieces hold their stones securely and showcase their splendour. Trust in our expertise to provide the necessary attention to detail that safeguards the integrity of your jewellery while enhancing its overall beauty.



Pearl Threading


Our pearl threading service is a delicate art performed by skilled hands. Expert artisans take care to delicately restring and knot pearls, ensuring they not only remain secure but also maintain a beautifully draped appearance. This thoughtful approach guarantees you can enjoy your pearls' timeless elegance for years to come.





We offer both laser and hand engraving services. Our laser engraving service provides precise and intricate designs. In contrast, our hand engraving service offers the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your personalisation needs for your jewellery.



Chain Repairs


Discover precision and care with our chain repairing services, where our skilled artisans ensure your chain or necklace regains structural integrity. From fixing broken links to repairing clasps, our experts perform meticulous repairs that guarantee you can continue enjoying your jewellery for years. Trust us for expert craftsmanship that not only restores but enhances the durability of your chains and necklaces. Explore our chain repairing services for enduring quality and peace of mind.





Our jewellery remodelling service transforms your existing items into new contemporary designs matching your evolving style. Our skilled experts work closely with you to repurpose and recreate your jewellery, breathing fresh life into your cherished items while preserving their sentimental value.



Clasp Repairs


Our clasp replacement service is committed to ensuring the security of your jewellery. Our skilled independent goldsmiths expertly repair or replace clasps, triggers and bolt rings, ensuring that your jewellery maintains its stylish appearance and securely fastens, giving you peace of mind whenever you wear it.

Silver & Goldsmiths

At HC Jewellers, our pride lies in the expertise of our highly qualified independent Silver and Goldsmiths. Each artisan is a dedicated master, demonstrating a profound commitment to precision and quality. With extensive experience and a passionate dedication to jewellery, our smiths infuse every creation with unmatched artistry and skill. Whether crafting bespoke pieces or meticulously restoring treasured jewellery, our Silver and Goldsmiths add a unique touch to each project. Their independence enables the exploration of innovative techniques and designs, ensuring that every creation is a testament to their exceptional talent.

Trust in the expertise of our highly qualified independent Silver and Goldsmiths at HC Jewellers to transform your jewellery visions into reality. Explore a world of exceptional craftsmanship with us.

Laser & Hand Engraving

We offer a versatile and precise engraving service at HC Jewellers, combining handcraftsmanship and cutting-edge laser technology to provide you with diverse customisation options.
Meticulously hand-engrave your beloved jewellery for a personal touch that adds a unique dimension to your pieces. Alternatively, our advanced laser engraving capabilities allow for intricate and precise customisation. Making it perfect for creating one-of-a-kind gifts, commemorating special occasions, or adding a distinctive touch to your jewellery collection.
Whether it’s a heartfelt message, a significant date, or a custom design. Our engraving service transforms your jewellery into a personalised and cherished keepsake, capturing the essence of your most treasured moments. Explore the art of personalisation at HC Jewellers and make your jewellery unique.

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