Every gemstone in the world holds its own unique beauty, rarity and identity. Gem identification is a process of observing and testing a gemstones physical and chemical properties. This process requires gemmological procedures and a well-trained eye.

Synthetic gemstones have been manufactured since the late 1800’s. A synthetic gemstone is one that is made in a laboratory, but which shares all chemical, optical and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart.

Synthetic gems are much less rare than natural gems of equal size, clarity & saturation of colour, which reflect on the price dramatically. Because of this and because it is possible to confuse them with gems that are naturally occurring, it is always best to have your gemstones tested. The most common synthesized gemstones are ruby, sapphire, emerald & alexandrite.
You may be curious to know what the gemstone is in your antique jewellery, bring your pieces down to HC Jewellers for an evaluation and identification of you gems.

HC Jewellers offer a gem identification and valuation service. Our in-house gemmologist can carry out various tests onsite; to determine what gemstones you have, in most cases on the spot. Further testing procedures will be required to gather more information about the stone, to record certain identifying characteristics or features that it may possess and to help determine it’s value. A detailed report will be complied along with a high quality photograph of your gemstone or jewellery.

Please contact us to make an appointment with our gemmologist, for diamond and gemstone evaluation and identification.



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