We offer a professional service of all pearls and bead threading. We can also supply clasps and findings, if required and hold a selection of gold and sterling silver clasps to accommodate most requirements. We can also provide pearls to match if any are missing or damaged.
It is wise to have your pearls and beads re-strung periodically when they show signs of stretching or have broken.
Re-stringing pearls is a highly specialist craft. Pearl necklaces are strung on silk and need to be spaced and tightened perfectly to hang correctly.
We offer a complete threading service, with knotted and un-knotted options and a range of stringing materials to choose from. From the inexpensive favourite elastic bracelet to your very best cultured pearls, we can string any bead or pearl. We can even source all new pearls, beads or stones to create a whole new piece, with silver and gold clasps to finish your design!


We can have any design or style of pearl jewellery made to order.
Please visit us in store for more information or call for more details.



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