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Is your watch losing time? If so, here is some useful information as to why this could be.
Over time a watch movement can lose performance or even break down entirely, without proper maintenance, a watch can wear away and cause all sorts of trouble and irreparable damage. Watch lubricants can and do dry up, and if left unchecked, this can cause the delicate moving parts to wear away at the very material from which they are made.
To keep any mechanical watch in tip-top condition, it is recommended to service the movement once every 3-5 years depending on use and climate, or whenever you notice the watch accuracy start to diminish. Even if a watch seems to be running fine, it may still require fresh lubrication to prevent metal on metal wear, which can be undetectable by accuracy alone.

Watch Servicing

Our independent watchmaker covers anything from minor repair work to a full movement service. Battery and strap replacements can be completed on site.

Waterproof Testing

We offer professional re-sealing and waterproof testing for your watch with prices starting from £45, including battery.

Clean & Polishing

Why get a new watch with a professional clean and polish we can get your old watch looking like new again.

Battery cost

Standard Battery Change
From £8

Service Cost

Please bring your watch into our Royston store to receive a free no-obligation repair/service quotation once it has been inspected by our accredited watchmaker. No watches get posted out as we personally deliver and pick your watch up from our watchmaker, so there is no risk of loss or damages to your goods.

Waterproof Test

When it comes to the waterproofness of your watch, you should almost never take the numbers on the dial or case back literally.
For example, a watch with 30 metres water-resistance can sustain a light shower or splash, but you shouldn’t swim in it. Likewise, you won’t want to dive wearing a watch with less than 200 metres water-resistance, even if you’re not planning on diving to anywhere near that depth. Here’s a handy scale to help guide you.
0 to 30 metres = Not suitable for any contact with water
30 metres = Splash-proof (ex. washing hands and rain droplets).
50 metres = Light poolside swimming
100 metres = Swimming, Snorkelling
200 metres = Scuba Diving
300 metres and up = Professional Diving
Water-Resistant seals don’t last forever, particularly if you get your watch wet regularly. We recommend getting your watch reproofed every one to two years, depending on usage.

Waterproof Test Costs

Battery & Re-Seal (up to 60m) £45
Ultrasonic Clean, Battery & re-seal (up to 60m) £65
Professional Dive Watches (POA)

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For your peace of mind, we give a one year guarantee for any battery we replace with proof of purchase. We only use swiss watch batteries which are guaranteed to have a long-lasting life.
You will get one year guarantee with almost every watch service we carry out with only some vintage watches excluded due to age and accuracy. 

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