The Complete Guide On What To Get Your Mum For Mother's Day

Not sure what to get your mother for Mother's Day - We are here to help.

Nothing says ‘I love you, Mum’ quite like a piece of jewellery, by gifting her a beautiful piece this Mother’s Day you can show your gratitude for everything she does for you all year round.

So what better way to celebrate your mum than by picking the perfect piece of jewellery she can wear and cherish whilst thinking of you!

Picking a jewellery gift can sometimes be daunting, so here are some ideas to consider when choosing. Is your mum wearing sleek stud earrings or beautiful drop earrings or maybe she’s a bracelet or pendant lover? Does she wear classic yellow gold or more modern silver, or completely mixes it up to create her own unique style?

Take inspiration from your mum, think of her style and personality, does she change her look? Is she classic, sentimental or eclectic?

We also have some stunning pieces from our Fiorelli range, from necklaces to earrings (or maybe even both!) let us help you pick the perfect gift for your loved one.

Presenting your mum with a special gift on Mother’s Day is a thoughtful way to show her the important place she has in your heart. When you give a gift of jewellery, you can be sure it’s a gift that will make her smile and last for many more Mother’s Days to come.

For the Classic

If she is a classic lady, why not go for the classic look? From beautiful silver knot earrings symbolizing friendship, love and togetherness to gold and cubic zirconia stud earrings that are elegant and a staple jewellery box essential. 

Silver stud earrings - cubic zirconia - sterling silver - HC Jewellers

The Sentimental Soul

If she is a sentimental soul, our Birthstone pendants are the ideal gift. 

Not only can you pick her birthstone colour with Swarovski crystals, but you can also have a meaningful message engraved on the sterling silver disc. The most meaningful messages are usually names or initials of children or grandchildren, dates of births or even a ‘saying’ you both share. If your mum loves a matching set of jewellery there’s also birthstone stud earrings to match the pendants.



All Embracing

And for the eclectic ladies, there’s so much to choose from, a beautiful Fiorelli Blue Aqua pendant and matching earrings and bracelet really show a different stylish look. As well as our gorgeous Baltic Amber range that adds a splash of colour and personality.